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Transformation of II Breitling watch the most innovative technology one of the characteristics is: whether to select what kind of surface display, all function replica watches are can keep running, timing surface and standard traveltime surfaces have mechanical operation of independent. Therefore, when the watch in standard mode start timing functions, namely start Chronograph score disk operation, and when the timing surface appeared again, will immediately display has time.
The date shown is the same way: even if the timing mode was started a few days, the hidden date display function continued operation, when the watch back to standard walking mode, replica breitling uk date display is accurate. Interchangeable double surface only about 5 seconds to complete, in the exchange process, swiss watch the many internal fittings - gear system, the cam and the small gear running, just like a perfect formation mechanical dance, which is driven by a mainspring box alone and by the constant speed regulator (force regulator) precision control. This is a stunning metamorphosis spent a total of 82 parts, are collected manually carefully build.

To will transform II watch standard traveltime surface into the movement style of elegant Replica Watches UK timing surface, only five seconds, completed after the conversion, the unique Chronograph rose, to be ready to time measurement. After the conversion is complete, in the twelve o'clock hour display panel with a very dynamic Arabia digital and black "handmade Paris stud" (Clous de Paris) guilloche ornamentation, and silver spiral torsion central position dial cable ornamentation and round satin in stark contrast to the beautiful. These different manual processing ornamentation strengthen time legibility surface, and injected a delicate vigor to watch.

When the inverse jump minute maintained the original function, center second travel time function is converted to the timing function. Black score plate from the inside of the core rises to dial height, press and crown combined single by the function button start time. This wristwatch allocation according to the single column wheel timing device, column wheel, horizontal clutch structure and Philip curve with large annular balance 18000 vibrations per hour, this is Breitling Replicato 1858 by Villeret meter factory manufacturing famous tribute and create Minerva timer. Complete a time after the sliding of the sliding rod can be degenerated II breitling replica watch to revert back to the standard travel time model.

Breitling Bentley Replica Watches have been able to transform II watch is put into practice, it is due to the professional technology of Switzerland Le Locle and the Villeret table factory 156 years of accumulated. The development of Breitling's workshop training and perfection in one's studies. tabulation of traditional handicrafts are also used in which a watch. Transformation of II watch show high respect for traditional skills and constant pursuit for reform and innovation, but also highlight Breitling occupies a pivotal position in the top Swiss watch industry.

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